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Surprisingly, my story begins at retirement.  After 20 years of serving Central United Methodist Church in Monroe, NC, as their Director of Children’s and Family Ministries, I took a huge jump, into a new field.  What good are dreams, if you never go for them?  I attended Coder Foundry to learn more about computer programming.  After finishing school, and  in the midst of applying for jobs as a developer, a friend taught me the basics of WordPress.  As it turns out, I really like the designing aspect of creating websites.  Of course, there is a lot more that goes into it.  Security is a really big issue, as well as Search Engine Optimization.  Everyone wants to be found, after all. 

So this is where I am now.  I live and work in beautiful, historic downtown Monroe, NC.  Our town is just oozing old southern charm and warm, friendly neighbors, ready to lend a helping hand. 

I work as a freelance web designer.  My real passion is helping others.  So I am drawing on that passion and my love of creating beautiful websites, to help people with small businesses in our area.  We may live in an old, southern town, but in today’s world, people find everything via their cell phones.  So if you don’t have an effective website that works beautifully on all size screens, no one will ever find your business.  And we all know how very important Google is these days.  So part of creating a beautiful and informative website for any business must include precise SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. 

I am also very committed to serving local churches and non-profits, in their efforts to make this world a better place.  I hope you will check out the site I created for New Hope United Methodist Church. 

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Website Design

I use WordPress for beautiful, fully-functioning websites. I tailor my services to each individual client to ensure that your site engages your audience and meets your goals.

Responsive Design

Responsive website design makes sure that your website looks good and works well on all size screens. Every site I design will be tested on all screen sizes for maximum effectiveness.

Support & Maintenance

It is vital to keep your website updated to prevent unwanted intrusions and website errors. I am here to provide you with continued support and maintenance to keep your site working at it's optimum level.


If you already have a site, but it isn't performing as you would like, perhaps it's time to redesign. I will work with you to craft an updated site, that will reach your target audience.

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