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How does your church google?

I worked in a church as a Director of Children and Family Ministries for 20+ years.  During that time, a lot changed.  People, not so much.  But technology, and the way we communicate with each other…wow!  My experience is that most people, even our older folks, embrace today’s gadgets, and love learning how to use them.  Unfortunately, for some reason, it has been a much more difficult adjustment for some of those in our churches.  Perhaps it is because our church programs have been based on coming together for experiences based on relationships.  Maybe we find it more of a challenge to create those warm and fuzzy feelings by way of a cell phone screen.  Or could it be that we just don’t like change, of any kind?  We like doing things the same way we have always done them.  It’s comforting, in this fast-paced world.  And then, there is of course, the noise factor.  How do you find the silence to hear that still, small voice of God?

Use technology in a positive way

Whatever the reason, tech is here to stay, and our churches are learning what an advantage it can be.  We have great tools for communication with vast numbers of people.  So, let’s use them!  Open a facebook page.  Start a website.  Engage the world with Jesus’ message.  Don’t wait for people to walk through the church doors without having been invited, or without having checked you out online first.  But remember, the information we have today will change by tomorrow, so keep on it and stay up-to-day with your site.