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Mathias Lee began his business, Lee Process Equipment, just a couple of years ago, and is already running full speed ahead.  He is a manufacturers representative for eleven companies, covering the three states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  With all of his time and energy focused on meeting with clients, and building up his new business, Mathias needed a website that would keep up with the growing demand.  He already had a very good idea of how the site should be set up and what it should include. His primary goals for the site were (1) for strategic SEO to bring potential clients to his page, (2) for it to be responsive, (3) for it to include images that featured some of his past installations, (4) for it to include a list of manufacturers on the home page that linked to individual pages for each one, still on his site, (5) all well as a manufacturers page with logos that linked to the individual manufacturers websites, (6) a page for Case Studies, and (7) a page for Resources.  He already had the red, white, and blue color scheme, and a fantastic logo. The site features a full-size slider and just enough parallax on the home page to make it interesting, without being overdone. It is heavy with images and helpful information that should serve him well for now, but with plenty of room for expansion with future growth potential.

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