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Meet Sadie. She is our beautiful gray cat adopted from our children, who found her as a kitten in the pound. She is the most loving cat we have ever had. As a result, we have totally fallen in love with her. John has developed the habit of feeding her tuna twice a day, and she has come to appreciate this ritual to the point of reminding him when he forgets! We aren’t sure, but we believe that Sadie is around seven years old. She is still young enough to be playful and love chasing balls and other toys. She often sits in our laps demanding to be stroked, until she has had enough, and then turns around and bites! And even after living in our home for almost a year she continues to find new and high and out of the way places to perch. Lately she has even taken to hanging out inside the piano. The only thing she does not like is our grandson Jack. When Jack is here, Sadie is nowhere to be found.