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Website Redesign, Support & Maintenance

Website Redesign

If you already have a site, but it isn’t performing as you would like,  perhaps it’s time to redesign.  If your site is not bringing in new business,  I will work with you to craft an updated site, that will reach your target audience.  This process would include, a more extensive initial interview, to establish exactly what you are looking for in a new site. It would also require a final review, which would give you the opportunity to tweek any details.  In addition, you are able to make sure it is perfect before launch of your newly redesigned site.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

An often over-looked aspect of your website’s life-cycle is support and maintenance. The internet is constantly evolving with updates to WordPress, themes, plugins, and more. It is vital to keep your website updated to prevent unwanted intrusions and website errors. It is also quite important to have support when trying to add new content to your website.  I am here to provide you with continued support and maintenance to keep your site working at it’s optimum level.  Contact me today to discuss the possibilities.