St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church is a beautiful little church located in the coastal community of Shallotte, NC.  They have recently been engaged in the process of finding a new rector to serve their parish.  To aid in this endeavor, they realized that they needed a new website to communicate to potential applicants what their congregation was all about.  They are friendly and hospitable, but even more than that, they are all about missions, and serving the people of their community.  While discerning what information they wanted to include in their site, the church leaders began to realize other benefits that a current website could provide.  Not only is it an effective way to reach visitors, but it is also works really well as an “information hub” to keep members aware of current events.  Looking toward the future, they have decided to include a way for donations to be made to the church electronically.  The style of the site is light and airy. The images are of church members in action and the church facility.  In addition, it includes helpful utilities for including an events calendar, sermons, locations and people.

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