Wesleyan Contemplative Order

Wesleyan Contemplative Order

The Wesleyan Contemplative Order is a non-profit organization based out of Davidson, NC. They have had a website for about ten years, which was kept updated on a regular basis, but was not responsive, and therefore, did not work well on mobile devices. Because the theme had not been updated to allow for small screens, I replaced it with the OceanWP theme. This is a beautiful theme with lots of options, but the primary reason I like to use it is because it is so fast. Speed is important in a website. There are many ways to speed up a site, but there is no way to make up for poor coding in the base theme.

Another feature used on this site is a plugin called Ultimate Member. This plugin allows us to make certain portions of the site available to registered members only. These can be full or partial pages. There are pages for membership registration and login.

Finally, I also included an Events plugin, to allow the description, registration, and payment for special events held by the Wesleyan Contemplative Order. As this organization has grown, they are finding this automated ability is extremely helpful.

Updating a website by changing the theme can make all the difference in the world. It can totally change the way the world sees you, and your business. The WCO shared this response they had by one of their members:

Wow!!!  The website looks amazing, is easy to navigate and easy to understand.  Congratulations on such a successful design!!!  It gives credence to the WCO organization and will no doubt create interest for those who visit the site. I’ll pass along the link to the website to my band.  I think they’ll be amazed!

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