small business website

Welcome to my website!  It represents the launch of my new business, Burns Web Design.  My passions are web design and helping people, so I have decided to combine the two.  Small business owners are pulled in many directions at once.  They know they need a great website to get their information out there, but don’t have the time.  I can help.  I can design a beautiful, small business website that reflects who you are and what you are about.  It will work well and search well.  I can also maintain and update it for you.  Let me help you with this!

Churches and non-profits can benefit greatly by having an up-to-date, quality website.  They need to reach their people with current information, while also attracting new interest.  They need a site that looks as good on a small cell phone screen as it does on a full size personal computer.  I can help you with that!  I recently created a website for New Hope UMC, in Monroe.

So, thanks for visiting.  I hope you will contact me and we can have a conversation about how I can help you.